Habitat 1 joins Laneway Learning

Laneway Learning runs cheap, fun classes in anything and everything in Melbourne CBD and now in Northcote, St Kilda and soon too in Healesville,Yarra Valley. Classes usually cost $14, with around 20 people to keep it friendly.

Laneway Learning is the name for a ragtag series of evening classes that started up in Melbourne and has since spread to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Singapore.

No matter what city you are in our classes are probably unlike any others you have been to. They are super cheap, super informal and are taught by ordinary people from the local community; florists teach about flowers, scientists about science and bookworms about books.

Whatever the topic though, a Laneway Learning class is less about becoming an expert overnight and more about getting some top tips to take home and practice later. Come to one and you might go away with enough knitting know-how to make your first scarf, an art-historian’s eye for a painting, or a killer recipe for chutney or diverse subjects such as “how roller coasters work” or “what is Isis”.

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Want to Teach?

Do you have a specialist subject? A niche? A skill that you want to share? We are always hunting for teachers to run classes at Laneway Learning and you could be one of them!

Maybe you have taught before, or maybe you haven’t. At Laneway Learning all we ask for is a bit of knowledge about your chosen topic, and the desire to share it with other people. If you are interested, get in touch!

We pride ourselves on always responding to class ideas, so if you don’t hear from us in a week or so, please do email us directly at [email protected] as occasionally things slip past or get lost in the bowels of the Internet.

It definitely shouldn’t be about the money, but we pay all our teachers $50 to make it worth their while, and we also bribe them with free admission to another class.

In fact, we are so keen for interesting, busy people to get involved in Laneway Learning, we work really hard to make life easy for them. If you do decide to teach a class, we will help you define your topic, write your blurb, prepare your class and get things set up on the day. Meaning all you have to worry about is what you are going to say.