Michael Matthews

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Name: Michael Matthews

Company: Parton Wine Distribution

Job Position: State Manager Victoria

What gets you up in the morning:
Life! Every day brings a new challenge and I can’t sleep in – much to my wife’s dismay.

Do you have a secret you want to share:
Don’t tell her but I still think my wife is perfect just the way she is.

If you had 10 days to spend doing whatever you wanted what would you do:
I would take my family and friends to a tropical island to spend my last days with them away from the rest of the world. Oh, and I would make sure there was copious amounts of Beluga and Bollinger La Grand Année, 1996 Vintage if I could get it.

What skill or talent do you have that people may not expect:
I make the best Scrambled eggs!

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Michael Matthews
[email protected]
Ph: 0448 470 111