Paul Sonsie

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Name: Paul Sonsie

Company: Sonsie Studios

Job Position: Graphic Design / Visual Communication

What gets you up in the morning:
My 2 year olds feet in my face! That and the fact that I have a million creative ideas running through my head waiting to explode!

Do you have a secret you want to share:
I still have all my 1980's wrestling figurines, my stamp collection and my marbles (well I hope I've still got my marbles).

If you had 10 days to spend doing whatever you wanted what would you do:
I just want to dance!  But seriously… I’d probably head straight to a little tropical island where the beer is cold and my email doesn’t work!

What skill or talent do you have that people may not expect:
I can balance a full pint of beer on its axes on a 20c piece! 
I can also balance on one hand.  Just need to practice balancing those books.

Contact Details:

Paul Sonsie
[email protected]
Ph 0411 323 826