Do you make an effort to Keep it Local?

When I was growing up in a small village in England I remember my Dad being shunned and talked about by the locals (for about a week until something more scandalous happened). Why? For buying a Volvo – a Swedish car! The villagers were all for Buying British and better still, Buying Local. And these campaigns are… Read More

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Sean inspires his 8yr old god daughter to the Run – Away of success

Our daughter Tataiarangi is changing almost daily and it is wonderful to witness her growing confidence and maturity.   She is a very happy little girl enjoying a pretty good life with ballet classes and private music lessons.  She has good friends and a loving family and loves doing aikido with her Mum Keala and me. All of these… Read More

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Get in the Sandpit – the beauty of shared working spaces and collaboration

If you’ve ever considered a freelance career or already find yourself in one, then you would have ruminated about the pros and cons of leaving the safety of full-time work. The common consideration for working for yourself is whether or not you can actually make a living, and not just an adequate living.  But that… Read More

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